How does papermaking equipment meet the national environmental protection standard

2020-01-04  From: Weifang Tianshun Group Limited Browsing times:51

With the rapid development of China's paper industry, the market demand for paper products is also gradually increasing. It can be predicted that China's paper products will usher in a historical peak in the future. However, people's understanding of the paper machine is not deep and there is a conflict on the paper machine. The paper machine has always been regarded as the source of environmental pollution, which is not correct. Because we are still in 30 years of understanding of the paper machine products, and our company has developed a new type of paper equipment has fundamentally put an end to environmental pollution, so that no pollution, zero emissions, in line with the national standards for environmental governance!

Therefore, we can be sure that the paper machine is a good helper to make a fortune in the future. We have the ability and believe that the market of this type of product is clear.

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